Understanding the Growing Popularity of the Slot Machines in 2017

The Reel Lure

Anyone who has ever stepped into a casino will understand how intoxicating everything is. You get to see people pretend to be composed and laid back while you know there is a volcano about to erupt in each of them with every turn of the dealer’s hand. You get to rattle your small chips yet you see the small and neatly piled stacks of the high-rollers.

Then you imagine they are holding in the palm of their hand a year’s worth of rent. So you move over to the slot machines, where the real excitement is. At least for you.

Suddenly, you notice that there is not one slot machine available. Wondering how come slot machines have become so popular all of a sudden? Sit down and we’ll update you on all the free spins info.

What Is the Reel Lure?

It is a more personal experience

Everything in a casino is for show. The clothes you wear, the way you carry yourself, the way you are with money and how you behave when you win or when you lose. So much of the time there are so many eyes on you that the slot machines can give you a nice break. You simply sit down and you pull the lever. Nobody else needs to assist you, there are no curious people breathing down your neck as you are wondering what to do next. Just you, your cup of small chips and the colourful machine in front of you.

They give you a night’s worth of excitement for the same money

The opening bets at some of the more serious tables can be pretty steep. And if you are not experienced in any of these games, you could get up from a table empty handed in a matter of minutes. And what are you going to do with yourself for the rest of the night with no more money to spend? But when it comes to slots, you can try different machines, pull various levers, even insist when you are feeling lucky and generous. But it gives you something to do for several hours. After all, it sounds better to say you were down on the casino floor for a couple of hours instead of “I got cleaned out in 10 minutes and went back to my room.”

Slot games

It does not lack in excitement

Apart from the fact that you get to put the money in and pull the lever at your own pace, the slot machines know how to build up suspense. You see some of those 7s start rolling up and you get to thinking this is your lucky night. You come in close, so you figure next time it will be better. Every spin, every image, every winning combination makes the experience worth it.

Winning feels amazing!

This is a bit tricky, but we know you will understand. A winning spin means you have put one small token in, and a lot of them came out. You get to see with your own eyes how you multiplied your chips. The tricky part is that you tend to forget how much you put in it before your won. Either way, the excitement remains the same.

It is the real casino experience!

How could you miss out on something like this when it is exactly what a casino experience is about? It is the randomness of the potential win that is truly awe inspiring for the players. And while some games with higher entry bets limit the awe potential, the slots offer you the constant chance of winning. Maybe this time, or this time, or this time.

Mega fortune dreams

Pop culture themes, impressive graphics and bonus rounds

There is the little joy of discovery when you see elements you recognize from your favorite shows, from movies, songs or books. It’s fun to play if only to find out what elements they included and how they adapted a concept to a slot game. The graphics are high definition and the bonus rounds do not let you give up too easily. Because what can be better when you are on a tight budget than to get to spin for free a couple of times?

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