Siberian Storm Slot Review

Siberian Storm slot is one of the best online slot game available on the market. This IGT’s massive multi- payline slot game has more paylines than almost all other slots on the market. The game has an adorable theme with a deadly Siberian tiger. The game also has an ice blue appearance and a frosty design. In general, it has all the essentials of a classic game with most of the things that you would like included in its gameplay.

The game is set in the background of chilly Siberia forest with a variety of Siberian themed symbols involved in the gameplay. Other symbols are from the realms of fantasy. The game has five reels with the five lower value symbols depicting well-drawn relics. When you look at the top of the scale, there is an orange tiger, a white tiger as well as a Siberian Storm logo. The bonus symbol is the green eye of the orange striped tiger; the scatter symbol is labeled scatter while the wild symbol is a white striped tiger on a purple background.


Siberian storm wilds

Free spins & Multiway Xtra


Although this bonus is a little trick to land on, you can still land on it. You need to land five of the green eye symbols on five reels consecutively. When you do this, you are awarded eight free spins. If you can land more than one winning selection of the winning selection of the green eyes, you are added another set of free spins.

This makes it possible to win up to 96 spins with win spin of the reels. Also, when you land the orange eye symbol that appears only in the bonus game, you will be awarded another eight extra free spins. Generally, when playing a bonus game, you can win up to 240 spins that are free.

Multiway Xtra feature is active throughout the game meaning that the wins will pay from left to right and right to left as long as the symbols are on adjacent reels. This means that there is a win for the player. If the symbols are in the same column one is awarded a multiplier.


Siberian storm paytable

Siberian Storm jackpot & Other impressive features


Siberian Storm slot has a standard 1000 jackpot. You can win this jackpot by matching five of the Storm logos on a payline. In the case where the upper limit wager has been staked. The 1000 coin jackpot has the net worth of about 3000 pounds in real money.

The inclusion of this multiple slots has boosted the IGT’s catalog. This game popularity is growing fast, and many gamers across the world love it. The only startling thing about this game is the jackpot. The jackpot is not as large as you may expect it to be, especially if you consider it is a slot with so many payline and a larger maximum stake.


Siberian storm theme

Siberian Storm Slot Review
  • Bonus features
  • Graphics & Design
  • Overall experience


The graphics and the audio of this game are breathtaking. It is a great game enjoyed by many individuals across the world. The slot is also very attractive especially to gamers who love the Multiway Xtra feature. This feature lands lots of wins in odd combinations as well as the night bonus feature that adds more fun.


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