Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Review

If you love playing games with gigantic progressive jackpot prices, you will love this slot. Mega Fortune Dreams slot is a slice of Net Entertainment slice of gaming luxury. This slot was previously known as the Mega fortune, but it has been updated to Mega Fortune Dreams slot. Unlike its predecessor, this game offers more tempting glimpse of riches. It is a five reel online slot that has twenty paylines.

The primary symbol includes champagne bottles, cocktail, a posh handbag, a massive diamond ring and an expensive watch. Lower value symbols are the jewel-encrusted 10, Q, J, A and K. The wild symbol is two palm trees, wheel of fortune represent the bonus icon while a huge diamond represents the scatter.

Mega fortune dreams jackpot slot


Progressive jackpot & Free spins


One of the most exciting features of the Mega Fortune dream is the fantastic progressive jackpot. The jackpot is triggered when you land three or more wheels of fortune anywhere on reel 3, 4 or 5. The game comes with a wheel that has three rings attached. Each of the rings has arrows that move you to an inner ring.

This allows you closer to the mega jackpot sign. If you are lucky and hit it, the massive prize will be yours. You can also stop on the outer ring and try to win the main jackpot or rapid jackpot. The three jackpots are always displayed above the reels.


Mega fortune dreams symbols


Wheel of Fortune Prizes


The outermost ring has prizes for only twenty, forty and sixty coin wins. For you to win you need a pointer that will point you to the next level. The second ring has higher coins and is the home to the rapid jackpot. The ring also has prizes of sixty, one hundred, one hundred and forty coins as well as two jackpot symbols. If you have your eyes settled on the big prize, then aim or any of the four arrows that lead to the next bonus game round.

The third ring has the main jackpot and has to prizes of five hundred, one thousand and one thousand five hundred coins. You just need to have one of major symbol for you to win the jackpot. If this pointer stops on that very icon and there is only one arrow leading to the center of all the three wheels, you will win the Mega jackpot of Mega Fortune Dreams.


Mega fortune dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Review
  • Bonus features
  • Graphics & Design
  • Overall experience


Mega Fortune Dreams is a great slot following the Net Entertainment original Mega Fortune slot. With it being a newer casino slot, it has sharper graphics, the better soundtrack as well as sharper icons. This slot is also a better edition to play especially when it comes down to the colors. However, whether you want to play the original Mega fortune or the updated version is a matter of preference. You can play the slot that you are more comfortable with.


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