Gemix Slot Review

Gemix slot is a video slot that has gained a lot of popularity for the last couple of months. It is a conventional video slot and many gamers scarcely count it as a video slot. This game has is developed by Play N Go . The game features a 7x 7 grid of shapes where the player must attach the symbols into patterns in order to get into the next level. This game rewards the player with a number of special features and has a top prize worth of 100,000 coins.

For you to clear the patterns you must land the matching symbols on all inclined position that are on the green radar map. Once you clear the patters, you will then proceed in the next game. The game comes with several special features that make it more fun and engaging. After winning 20 symbols, the crystal charge feature is activated and rewards you with a handful of bonuses, these includes Nova bomb which is a bomb that destroys the symbols, light beam, a crystal wrap that turns symbols into other icons, and chain lighting.


Gemix gameplay


World Patterns & Crystal charges


The game consist three characters that are represented by distinctive wild features. Every world has three unlike patterns that one has to clear before advancing to the next world. Once you clear one world you are given world bonus that increases each base game that is played. The pattern is displayed behind the normal game board and will be cleared when you get a winning grouping above them.

When you clear a pattern, one star will be lit and get a world bonus as a reward. This lets you to proceed to the new world with a character and new wild features. Although there are only three different kinds of world, the world number on the top keeps increasing. You will toggle between the three worlds every time you clear the stars to level up.

When you look at the right hand of the game, there is a large pink circle. To fill the circle you need to win and remove about twenty or mot symbols in the base of the game. When you do this, you will win Nova Blast, Chain Lightning, Light Beam, or Crystal Warp. These features give you a chance to enhance creation of winning combinations.


Gemix muliplier


World wilds & Super charge


In this game, each world has a special wild that is attached to it. They are triggers randomly on any non-winning spin. In world one you get up to ten miners’ lamp wild symbols added to the grid. In world two, you will have the lollypop will spreading across the screen. Finally, in world three you get up to eight spell book sticky wilds that can be added to the grid.

When you manage to enable one crystal charge you are on your way to activating the supercharge feature. When you activate this feature, you will get a minimum of forty or more winning symbols removes from the board of the game. You will get a reward of X3 multiplier that apply to all winnings generated. This means if you have a win of max 90x per round you will get 2700x.


Gemix video slot

Gemix Slot Review
  • Bonus features
  • Graphics & Design
  • Overall experience


When we look at its graphics, this game an excellent. The music is light, almost comic although it tends to be a little repetitive. However, you can hardly notice this especially if you are winning. Another impressive thing we loved about the game is that both the graphics and music change when you change the worlds.


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